Woodlands Farmhouse
28 November 2012
We have all had an eventful month, the weather hasn't been kind to us and we are beavering away to get the home all ready with its decorations for Christmas. One resident has been to Devon on holiday with one of our Senior Care and despite being sandbagged in their Chalet they still had a wonderful time. Rambina our duck has a new friend called 'Dave the Duck' who has moved in with her at The Mill to keep her company, they seem to be good friends and who knows.. there maybe ducklings next spring!

25 October 2012
We had our monthly coffee afternoon today which was well attended by residents and a number of relatives who all enjoyed the selection of cakes which were chosen by two of the residents on their shopping trip this morning. We were joined by one of our clients from the community (Ruby Care) who brought in a beautiful cake too. Come and join us next month for Coffee afternoon, its the last Thursday of the month so next event is Thursday 29th November. 

23 October 2012
The staff and residents carved out the pumpkins this afternoon ready for Halloween, what a creative bunch we are here at Woodlands! 

19 October 2012
The Christmas raffle is underway and tickets are being sold at Woodlands and Wrantage Feed Mills, all proceeds will go towards our ammenity fund and our residents will decide how they would like to use the proceeds after Christmas. We have had some very kind donations and our prizes seem to be bigger and better than ever with hampers being donated and a meal for two at 'Jollies' at The Canal Inn which is due to re-open early November.

15 October 2012
'B' is working hard behing the scenes for our halloween party at the end of the month which everyone is looking forward to.

12 October 2012
We have just completed some re-decoration of the home and it is looking really fresh thankyou to Andrew who has worked hard both day and night to ensure we didn't have any disruption in the home. 

10 October 2012
Rambo we have discovered is a girl! so is now 'Rambina' ! She is feathering up nicely and goes for her daily swim in the pond before returning to her little house located in the MIll next door. It will be soon time for her to join her friends full time on the pond.

19 September 2012
We had 4 ducklings hatch in June and they are now happily swimming on the pond. They have been joined by 4 older ducks, Donald, Jemima, Chocolate and Diana. We are hoping at the next residents meeting our new ducklings will have names. Our latest attempt at incubation resulted in only one duckling called 'Rambo' who is being gently hand reared by John.

4 February 2017
Its been a busy year!! Lots of renovation works have taken place over the past 12 months thanks to Paul, Ian and Ben. Our new laundry room and wetroom are taking shape and just today the grouting has been finished ready for the installation of the equipment and new units.

We say a farewell this week to our lovely Jo Jo who has been with us for 5 years. Its always a sad time and she will be missed by us all.